Ellen's Plan


Our community has been devastated by this once in a generation pandemic. As cases continue to decline and New York starts to get back on its feet, it is more important than ever that we make sure our recovery is robust, equitable, and serves the Queens community.

  • Expand community-based outreach to promote the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

  • Ensure our hospitals, health centers, and community non-profits are fully funded.

  • Lower taxes and implement rent and mortgage relief assistance for commercial and residential property owners.


Ellen has a demonstrated track record of achievement in the state Assembly, where she served on the Committee on Aging. While there, she worked hard to build more middle-class and senior housing and to make our city more affordable for its seniors.

  • Expand social services and healthcare options for seniors, including affordable prescription drugs.

  • Review the city budget to make sure austerity cuts don’t impact vital services Queens residents rely on.

  • Expand options for affordable senior housing that reflects the values of the community.

  • Increase funding for meal delivery programs and ensure local non-profits have the funding they need to provide critical services.

Public Safety

Last year saw the most homicides in New York’s streets in a decade, and in 2020 anti-Asian hate crimes rose an astonishing 900% from the previous year. As the first Asian American Auxiliary NYPD officer in Queens, Ellen understands that a government that doesn’t step up to protect its citizens is failing them at the most basic level.

  • Make our streets safer by creating hate-crime focused units and strengthen subway patrols.

  • Give the NYPD the resources it needs to institute comprehensive community-based policing programs.

  • Invest in mental health support services as well as programs to support at-risk youth in embracing their potential.

Small Businesses

Our community’s small businesses are its cultural foundation. They employ our residents, they are owned by our friends, our family, and our neighbors – and they have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time they get the help they deserve.

  • Provide COVID-19 relief and tax cuts to keep workers on their payroll.

  • Streamline bureaucracy and the permitting process to eliminate the arbitrary costs of doing business.

  • Provide interest free loans and grants to small business to help them rebuild and generate jobs.

  • Invest in our small businesses as job creators and drivers of the economy, not as a source of taxable income for the City.


Reliable and accessible transportation is the lifeblood of the city. Queens has been left behind for too long and it is past time that our local transportation infrastructure reflected the value of our community.

  • Improve our local transportation options and ensure more efficient and cleaner subway service.

  • Develop a community input and review mechanism to ensure our streets are safe for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians alike.

  • Increase access to MetroCard services.

  • Explore the expansion of ride-share services, particularly for our community’s seniors.


As a single mother and first-generation immigrant, Ellen knows first-hand that a robust and quality education can unlock doors and fulfill dreams.

  • Ensure our classrooms are fully funded and have the technological resources they need to educate our children.

  • Reduce classroom size and lower the student-to-teacher ratio.

  • Expand the Gifted and Talented program so more students are given the opportunity to realize their academic potential.

  • Retain the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) and increase preparatory resources so our students can remain competitive.

  • Advocate for the billions of dollars that New York State still owes our city’s public schools.